Abby Normal’s Quiche L’Brain


Abby Normal’s Quiche L’Brain

bl-quichelbrain-01In my attempt to seem as outdated as possible, I’ve dedicated my HoboTrashcan Halloween column this year to a movie that is ten years older than myself… Young Frankenstein. I can’t help it, it doesn’t age. I’m also hoping that Gene Wilder will follow suit and doesn’t age. That’d be great.

I know it’s not scary, but it’s funny as hell and perfect for a lighthearted spooky night in. And if you’re gonna be hanging back and watching Young Frankenstein, might as well theme out your dinner to go with it!

Super simple, delicious and most importantly, just as classic as the film itself: Julia Child’s Quiche Lorraine recipe. Except, sausage brains give it a creepy, comedic weirdness and delicious spice that isn’t in the original.

Would the Doctor care for a quiche before retiring? Ovaltine?

Head on over to for the full recipe! MMMMMMMM…..

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